It’s no secret that Sony has been having a rough time in the past couple months, so will we see them start a new and bring momentum for the rest of the year with their E3 press conference? See what Sony has in store for you gamers by clicking on the jump button.

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Sony started the show like they usually do with a video montage that features a little bit of everything for the PS3, PSP, and the NGP.

Jack Tretton comes out thanking everyone for showing up and starts off talking about the PSN outage. While Tretton does do a small joke about the press, he does apologize for the network being down and thanks everyone (games, press, developers), for sticking with them.

After talking about some statistics, we get straight into some live gameplay demo of Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception. The demo shows a level where Drake is sneaking on to a boat. The game looks amazing and seeing Drake having some awareness animation is pretty cool. They end it off with a sweet trailer and reminding folks that the game will be released on November 11th of this year.

Next up is Insomniac Games with Resistance 3. They did a live demo of of a level in which the game is set in St. Louis. The demo shows two parts of the level and as always, we see ways for the gamers having to deal with the chimera. They announced that there will be a Resistance 3 Doomsday Sharpshooter bundle for $150.

Jack is back up talking about how we will be seeing more games in 3D with the God of War HD Origins Collection, which features the two PSP games, and the Team ICO HD Collection, which features Ico and Shadow of Colossus.

Jack then talked about releasing a 24″ 3D HD TV that is bundled with a 6 ft. HDMI cable, a set of light-weight 3D glasses, and a copy of Resistance 3 for $499. The TV will have a special feature in which it’ll let players see full screens instead of split-screen when playing split-screen co-op.

Next up is some NBA gameplay with NBA 2K12. They are showing how Playstation Move is being implemented to the game franchise and by demonstrating it, they bring out Kobe Bryant. The game will be released on October 12th.

After that, we are intoduced to Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest, a Playstation Move game that is developed from the folks that brought us Sports Champions. Looks like a simple motion control game and the developer isn’t really selling it either.

Sony goes on with a trailer for inFAMOUS 2, which will be released tomorrow. Tretton goes on talking about user created levels for the game, in which this leads to Tretton talking about how LittleBigPlanet 2 will receive a bigger Move update this fall that will contribute to the level creation.

Next is a batch of PS3 exclusive game trailers of Starhawk and Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time.

Tretton then introduce us to Dust 514, a PS3 exclusive that will feature some cross gameplay with the NGP. The trailer shows that it’s another exclusive shooter for Sony.

We then got to see an entire in-game footage trailer of Bioshock Infinite and goddamn does the game look awesome. Ken Levine of Irrational Games shows up on stage talking how skeptical he is about motion controls and talks about how the Playstation Move looks like a dual shock and Bioshock Infinite will have Move capabilites. Ken leaves saying that we’ll be seeing more of the Bioshock universe on the NGP. Tretton comes back on stage saying that the PS3 version of Bioshock Infinite will have the first Bioshock game on the same blu-ray disk.

Tretton goes on talking about the Playstation will have some exclusive DLC for Saints Row the Third. Tretton then talked about how they teamed with Paramount to bring some Star Trek games out and how we’ll be seeing a Move controller that’ll look like a phaser. It seems that EA and PS3 will be doing some more exclusive business as SSX will feature an exclusive level, Need for Speed: The Run will feature exclusive content, and Battlefield 3 will be bundled with Battlefield 1943.

Kaz Hirai is up on stage talking about the Playstation Suite and how certified Playstation devices will benefit from it. Of course, this all leads to the NGP, now called the Playstation Vita. Kaz talks about the specs of the Vita once again and announces how they will partner with ATT for the 3G capabilities., which led to the crowd groaning.

We are then shown some Uncharted: Golden Abyss goodness on the Vita. The developers talk about how the Vita has many ways to play the game and that players have the choice to play it how they like.

The next Vita game is Ruin. The game looks like a neat dungeon crawler. The game will feature cross game play with the PS3 as gamers can play their save on either the Vita or on the PS3.

Next up is ModNation Racers. Yep, another version of the game playable. Pretty much showing how the Vita can do the same stuff as the PS3 and that all the user created stuff that are available on PS3 will be available on the Vita version of the game.

Oh look, another existing title showing up on the Vita. We are shown a LittleBigPlanet trailer for the portable device.

We are then shown that Street Fighter X Tekken will be available on the Vita. We also found out that Cole from the inFAMOUS series will be in the Vita version of the game.

They end the Vita stuff with a video montage.

We come back with Kaz on the stage confirming that the Vita will be available this holiday with two versions of it. The wifi only Vita will be $249 and the 3G/wifi model will be $299 and that pretty much ends the Playstation conference.

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