Normally I’d begin this article with a spoiler warning since the final episode of the first half of Doctor Who‘s season hasn’t yet aired stateside, but with this short of a teaser there’s really no need. Nothing in this super, duper, uber shortie of a teaser will spoil ‘A Good Man Goes To War.’ In fact, it won’t enlighten you to the comings of the second half even if you are up to date with your Who.

This little teaser is creepy and intriguing, I’ll give it that. The only solid information we’re given is apparently, “Time Runs Out.” And this is supposed to be different from time ending, how? Who knows (Ha! See what I did there?), but my guess is time is running out for Amy and Rory as we already know Matt Smith is returning for next season. How this ties in to the a skeleton hand gripping the sonic screwdriver, you’ve got me.

Watch the teaser below and then share your thoughts? I know there’s got to be some good speculation going on out there.

Make sure you tune in this Saturday at 9pm for the mid-season finale on BBC America! And if you’d like, we’ve already got a review right over here.

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