Throughout my life, I’ve heard from quite the amount of people saying how life would be easier if there was a reset button. It seems that many forms of media have been hitting that button. Whether it be a reboot, reset, re-imagining or re-whatever, Hollywood seems to be guilty in pressing the button in order to get the big bucks.

Last year, Universal Pictures released their remake of The Wolfman film. The Joe Jonston (Jurassic Park III, upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger) didn’t perform well in theaters and most folks just considered it a mediocre remake with a few things worth praising about. Like most films, there were plans for a sequel but word is going around that the planned sequel may now be another reboot for the movie monster.

Really Hollywood? Really!? The film just came out last year and already a reboot? Sure it may have bombed at the theaters, probably because the R rating could be of blame, but it did all right in DVD/Blu-ray sales and hell, it even won an Oscar for makeup. Maybe I’m reacting this way because I’m getting tired of seeing everything getting rebooted in someway or maybe I’m just worried that they may do a terrible PG-13 flick on the legendary creature.

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