The Best and the Worst of Nerdy Inkage

Tattoos are a form of art and should be treated as such.  Great tattoos have many components – placement, concept, and art. Placement is especially important when one has other tattoos to work around, but in general, this idea should be pretty straightforward:  don’t put your tattoos in stupid places.  The concept of a tattoo is also important.  Nerdy tattoos aren’t just art for the sake of art. There often has to be reason for choosing a particular image to represent an idea.  With all that, you want to make sure your ink doesn’t look like Sh*t. Find a tattoo artist who actually knows what they’re doing.  Great tattoos are the result of proper consideration of all three components.  Sh*tty tattoos are the result of people who simply don’t care.

Anyway, we at Nerd Bastards scoured the Interwebz from end to end for pictures of nerdy tattoos and grouped them (in no particular order) into two categories:  ones of pure awesomeness and ones of pure suckage.  With some fun commentary thrown in.

Give Yourselves a Pat on the Back!

Badass Wolverine.

Badass Batman.

We’ve all seen the Spidey version of this tattoo floating around the Interwebz, but this one was also really well done.

Dude gets points for his clear devotion to the DC world.  I can’t decide whether the artist lacks actual talent, or was trying to mimic the classic comic book look, though.


You can never go wrong with some good ol’ Star Wars.

Simple and understated tribute to Cap.

Wonder Woman half sleeve.

Hide Your Faces in Shame!

It’s a good idea to find a tattoo artist who understands the concept of straight lines and consistent coloring.  Also, the placement of this tattoo is so horrifically stupid; God forbid she ever gets fat — or worse, knocked the fuck up.

She should’ve put that cherry a little lower, if y’all know what I mean *winkwinknudgenudge*.  The only redeeming quality here is that she has a pair of decent knockers worthy of some good motorboating.

Holy fuckin’ shit, Batman!  This artist never did graduate from inking flowers and random designs.  This actually burns my eyes.

Not only are these people going to regret these tattoos soon enough…  They are absolutely horrendous.

Must’ve been some party, huh, to have woken up with that shit on your ass?  I’m more concerned by the fact that this person actually has no hips and is shaped like a cucumber

The infamous Avatar Tattoo Dude takes his obsession just a little bit too far… with the wrong tattoo artist.  These are terribly done, and they’re even worse in the high-res photos.

The tattoo itself isn’t bad, tramp stamp aside, but she REALLY needs to put that cottage cheese ass away.  What the fuck?

I think this is her way of saying she’s just had a boob job.

GG social life.

‘Cause real tattoos stick on all over the place just like temporary ones do.

J.K. Rowling shoved Dumbledore out of the closet not long after this dude got inked.  Many lulz to be had!

You know the world has ended when Captain Planet emerges from a beer can.

Better check and see if Google will pay you for being a walking advertisement.

The tribal was not necessary; you took something potentially cool (or, at the very least, nerdy) and killed it ded.

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