“Nuclear Launch Detected”…In My Pants: Starcraft Pick Up Lines

The guys from Simple Pickup tried their luck at winning over chicks’ phone numbers by using StarCraft quotes as pick up lines.  Y’all can imagine just how hilarious this could be.  So, how successful were they?  Did they meet any girls who knew what they were talking about?  Check out the video for yourself and see!

StarCraft lingo used (in order):

0. Nuclear launch detected

1. Carrier has arrived

2. Did somebody call for an exterminator?

3. I’m going to six-pool you so hard and baneling bust all over your face/base

4. 2-rack build

5. Zerg rush

6. Fungal Growth

7. Holy Check

8. Scouting

9. APM (actions per minute)

10. Grandmaster League

11. Day 9 made me do it

12. Stim pack

13. Bear semen

14. Destiny Cloud Fist

15. Good Luck Have Fun

16. Hwaiting

17. The Little One

18. The merging is complete

19. Where’s Cella?

20. Gosu

21. SlayersBoxer

22. IMBA

23. Bad Manner

24. From the shadows I come

25. Dark Templar

26. Overlord

27. I’m Lit!

28. OP (Overpowered)

29. Terrible, terrible damage

They didn’t meet any SC chicks, which is disappointing and surprising.  I wonder if it’s at all anything like that whole cliched, “I don’t know what you’re saying but I like that you’re saying it” thing, because, well, how the fuck did that shit work?!  I honestly find their success rate hard to believe, especially with all the “DUH WUT” responses they got.  But, hey, whatever works.  Apparently the point is that chicks don’t listen when you talk nerdy anyway.

It also doesn’t account for potential fake numbers/rejection hotlines, but it’s fuckin’ hilarious to watch anyway.

Source: YouBentMyWookie

*Note: The above article was written by Nerd Bastards contributor Christa D. @bitchyface

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