I’m Such A Nerd — NOT

CollegeHumor posted a video today that takes a different approach to the whole, “hot chick plus nerdy guy date” idea, and completely turned it around.  While Katrina Bowden talks nerdy circles around this loser and he’s all like, “DUUUUUH…”, it’s clear that he’s not as much of a nerd as he claims to be.  So after all this, he’s now without a security blanket and even the “I’m a nerd” quirk won’t fly; there’s a moment at about 2:30 where he painfully realizes that he has absolutely nothing to offer society — especially if he can’t keep anime and manga straight, and balked at the mention of Doctor Who.

What a disgrace to nerds all around the world.

Check out the video below:

*Note: The above article was written by Nerd Bastards contributor Christa D. @bitchyface

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