The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was a beloved early 90’s cartoon, which spawned a hugely successful toy-line (Ace Duck was my favorite) and string of live-action movies. The first of which is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated super hero flicks of all time. Anyway, the property kicked back up again in the early 2000’s, with another cartoon, new toys and a less than stellar CGI movie. The updated version grabbed the attention of a newer younger audience, while also appeasing fans of the original series. Alas, like it did in the 90’s, the franchise fizzled out.

But, you can’t keep a good turtle down!

If you haven’t heard, TMNT is being relaunched, yet again. A new movie is in development at Paramount and Platinum Dunes (Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec were just hired to rewrite it) and Nickelodeon will air a new animated show starting in the fall of 2012. Now we’ve got the voice cast for the quartet. Sean Astin will voice red-masked, sai-wielding Raphael, and he reveals that Rob Paulsen, who voiced Raphael in the original ’90s animated series, will voice Donatello. Jason Biggs will be Leonardo (Purely to stick his dick in a pizza, I’m sure), and Greg Cipes (Ben 10) is Michelangelo.

In addition to those bits of info, Sean Astin told EW,

These people who are doing [the new show], man, they are so fired up. They know they have something that people love, and that they’re getting a different crack at it. The producers recognize how much the fans of Ninja Turtles expect from the new show. With the new show, you’ll have one of two reactions: People will be fired up and excited, or people will be really skeptical. And the people who are fired up, you don’t want to disappoint them. And the people who are skeptical, you want to turn them.

He also says the characters will have less of an exaggerated SoCal surfer accent:

I don’t think it’s [adopts a perfect ‘Bill and Ted’ impression] “Dude, how you doin’, dude!” It’s just not quite as intense. A little bit more refined. They’ve got a slightly better education, maybe. More refined chemicals.

OK, that’s all well and nice, but explain to me why the turtles have elephantitis feet? Seriously, did the mutagen give them cancer of the rear flippers, GAWD! Regardless of the bizarre design choices of the turtles, I am cautiously optimistic for the series. We got another year or so until we can get a full assessment. Time will tell.

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