Sean Bean is a total badass. He kicked a lot of Orc ass in The Fellowship of the Ring as son of Gondor, Boromir. He’s also recently been seen in HBO’s Game of Thrones where he kicked a lot of ass, figuratively, in the royal court. Now in his real life, he’s kickin’ even more ass.

This passed Sunday, Sean Bean was out at bar with lady friend and former Playboy model, April Summers. Yep, a complete badass like Sean Bean hangs out at bars with Playboy models thirty years his junior. While there some jackass thought it’d be a good idea to make lewd comments about Ms. Summers. Bean confronted the man who then then fled, I can only assume, with his tail between his legs and smelling of urine.

Later on while outside smoking a cig, Bean was attacked, punched in the eye and stabbed in the arm with broken glass. While there’s no mention of what happened to his attacker (he’s most likely dead and will never be heard of or missed), Bean re-entered the bar and ordered another drink, refusing an ambulance and continuing to enjoy the rest of his evening with Ms. Summer, like a badass.

Lesson learned, don’t fuck with Sean Bean. No matter what you do to appear like a tough man it will in no way ruin Sean Bean’s evening. Shiner, glass shards in the arm, it doesn’t matter. And you’ll most likely be dead.

source: TwitchFilm

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