WHAT!?! No Full Season of Doctor Who in 2012?

‘Ello fans of Doctor Who! We got a brief, but important update regarding the 2013 season. As you may have heard, Matt Smith has signed on for season 7. Yay! If I may digress, and say that I have such a man crush on him. He’s amazing! He depicts a sense of a child-like wonder to the universe, while at the same time, conveying a sense of loneliness and infinite wisdom. Dude is just fun to watch! Anyway, personal feelings on the 11th doctor aside, there is shake-up going on with the next season. Specifically, it won’t be a full 14 episode season. Wha?

Danny Cohen, Controller of BBC One, was speaking at an event  and supposedly mentioned that Doctor Who will NOT becoming back for a full season in 2012. A member of the audience, Wayne Clarke, confirmed via twitter that “Danny Cohen says there won’t be a full series of Doctor Who in 2012, but a special run for the anniversary in 2013.”

So, this means that perhaps only a few episodes from the new season will air next year, and the rest will air in 2013. Which I assume is intended to transition the series from spring/autumn to a fall/winter series from now on. Before the 2005 reboot, Doctor Who always began in the fall and continued through the winter. Logistically, a fall series will allow the BBC to get better ratings for Doctor Who because it is traditionally a good time for television. That’s my speculation anyway.

Of course, the 50th anniversary obviously has something to do with it too (See above quote “special run for the anniversary in 2013.”). Show has been on a LONG time, they’re obviously prepping for an EPIC season to celebrate it. That, I think, makes up for the lack of episodes next year. Don’t you think?

source: io9


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