With so many comic book properties being turned into big budget, Hollywood blockbusters it’s hard to keep ’em straight. You might find yourself saying “This week’s movie is about some green dude, the Green Hornet? I thought that came out already? I think Seth Rogen’s funny.” To which comic book fans scream, “No! You moron! This is Green Lantern and he’s got a power ring that he uses to make stuff, which makes him waaaay cooler than the Green Hornet, with his sweet ass car and kick ass sidekick, Kato. Okay, maybe Green Hornet is kind of cool. And I think Seth Rogen’s funny, too.”

But comic books are no doubt, confusing, even to fans. Which is why it’s fabulous the good folks of Let’s Be Friends Again make these great web comics to explain the convoluted comic book history. In the most recent edition of Comics, Everybody! we explore the history the first human Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. (Not including the first first Green Lantern, Alan Scott who is in no way related to the Green Lantern Corps or the Guardians of Oa. His powers come from magic, but whatever, ::shrug:: comics, everybody!)

Click the jump for whole comic and learn the fascinating history of Hal Jordan, Green Lantern and colossal dick.

source: ComicsAlliance

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