The Simon Pegg – George Lucas Bromance is Over!

Everyone’s favorite Nerd Simon Pegg has put pen to paper and published his memoir Nerd Do Well. The book has some interesting tidbits about Pegg’s disappointment with the Star Wars Prequel films and Pegg’s subsequent encounter with George Lucas and their conversation about film making.

In an interview with Slate, Pegg was asked to explain his thoughts on why those films “just didn’t measure up.” After he was through venting, Pegg was also asked about an chance meeting he’d had with Lucas:

Slate: You do end the chapter about your Star Wars disappointment on a happy note, when you describe meeting George Lucas, and he tells you, “Just don’t suddenly find yourself making the same film you made thirty years ago.” It’s like he is admitting he knew the prequels weren’t up to snuff.Pegg:And also the idea that it happened because he doesn’t trust anybody, by the sounds of it. That’s my take on it. That back in the day, he was forced to collaborate, whereas when he was a superrich walking studio, he could just make all these decisions without deferring to anyone. And that’s when it all went wrong. Not because he’s not smart, but because it’s just better to collaborate. I dread the day that my friends stop saying, “Wait a minute, that’s bad!”


Although I do agree with Pegg’s assessment of the disastrous change in Lucas’s producing style from collaborative to dictatorial I think Pegg was reaching a little there for that point about George admitting the prequels sucked. George could just as well been advising Pegg to not get pigeon-holed into one genres of film.

What do you think about the comments? Can Pegg expect his next phone call to George to be ignored?

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