I’m sure we’re all at least somewhat aware of this stupidass drama going down between Michael Bay and Megan Fox; it’s only been going on for… oh, I don’t know, 26574 years. Basically, Fox was like, “Michael just wants to have crazy Nazi sex and he’s ruining my skin and blah blah blah it’s okay, I didn’t want to work on Transformers 3 anyway!” while Bay is all like, “K, bitch is fuckin’ crazy and I DIDN’T DO IT I’M A GOOD GUY I SWEAR.” And they both continue the public bitching while Shia LaBeouf thinks he has a say as well, though his allegiance appears to change with each interview.  Really, all that’s happening is that they’re all making themselves look bad.

So, whatever. Then Bay decides to pull Steven Spielberg into this whole mess, because apparently it’s not okay to just let this shit go already. In an interview with News.com.au, Bay lays the blame with Spielberg for Fox getting the boot. ‘Cause, y’know, you just don’t make Hitler or Jew jokes around Spielberg.

[Fox’s comparison of Bay to Hitler] angered Spielberg, who is executive producer of the Transformers series and deadly serious when it comes to Nazis. Bay revealed for the first time he was told to get rid of Fox.

“You know the Hitler thing. Steven (Spielberg) said, fire her right now,” he said ahead of the premiere of Transformers 3.

Like it really matters; the point is that we’ll have another piece of ass to stare at in a few weeks when the next Transformers movie hits the big screen. I mean, hey, if the Victoria’s Secret model taking Fox’s place has even half a brain, it’s already an upgrade. Take this from someone who’s actually met Fox and can vouch for the fact that there isn’t much going on up there, even though she’s super hot.

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