Warp Zone Lovin’: “I’ve Been A Naughty Koopa!”

Ever wondered — hypothetically, of course — what would happen if Mario were to catch a pair of Koopas going at it behind a warp tube? Well, thanks to Dorkly, we now have a good approximation of how that conversation would go. This video is set in the secret warp area of World 1-2, a supposedly private location. And they seem to be having some rough sex, there, what with the whole, “oh! Break my shell!” business. The audio for this video is NSFW, please bear that in mind. Either wait til you get home to get your rocks off to some Koopa lovin’, or pull out your headphones.

This is no where close to what would happen whenever someone caught a couple fucking behind some lockers back in high school. Or during school dances. Except the commonality in that there’s always the curious voyeur — like Mario, you dirty fuckin’ prick. (Don’t ask about the kind of high school I attended.)

Source: Geekologie

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