Ah, the perks of being a Nerd Bastard; occasionally you get sent free shit. Such as the case with this rather big Transformers: Dark of the Moon box that randomly appeared on the doorstep of the NB headquarters today. I had no idea it was coming, nor had any clue as to what was inside. I’ll admit, I was afraid to open it. With all our specious hate for the Transformers films, I feared it may have been a bomb (Michael Bay does like his explosions), or perhaps contained the severed head (or toe thumb) of Megan Fox. After a 12 pack of tacos from Taco Bell (12 tacos, 12 bucks. Affordable NOMs) and an equal amount of beers (Sam Adams Summer Ale), I summoned up the courage to unleash it’s innards.

To see Megan Fox’s severed noggin’ click on thru.

OK. I lied about Megan Fox. Sorry. But don’t feel completely robbed, the mystery box contents are damn cool. And, if you play your cards right, they might be yours. Might.

What we have hear is a Hasbro merchandise press box, chock full of Transformers: Dark of the Moon action figures and toys. I’m not going to describe them all for the reason of simply being lazy, but there is some cool stuff  here. Including, a t-shirt, a mini transforming Optimus Prime, dog tags depicting Skids and Mudflap (two racist robots from ROTF.), a super delux Transforming Bumblebee (FYI we’re totally keeping this one) and a Optimus Prime Cine-Mask 3D role-play mask, with actually RealD lenses for 3D movie viewing.  There’s a few other things in the swag kit, but I’ll let the image gallery below do the talking.

We here at Nerd Bastards sure do love our toys. Very much do we want to keep all this cool shit and assimilate it into our office collection. However, we really don’t need it and I’m sure you, the fan, want it a hell of a lot more. I think this weekend will run a giveaway contest. Don’t hold me too it. Mrs. Nerd Bastards (aka my fiancee) is a big Transformers fan. If she sees this, then your shit out of luck. If it survives the week then Check back this weekend for giveaway details.

Special thanks to Hasbro for sending this our way. They make cool ass toys. Seriously, whether your a fan of the Transformers films or not, you can’t argue the fun factor the toys provide. Hours upon hours of plastic robot fun.

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