Game of Thrones has wrapped up an impressive first season on HBO and fans are already screaming for more. Unless you want to start reading the novels though,  you’ll be waiting until Spring 2012. What’s surprising is star, Sean Bean wants more too. Of course (entering spoiler territory for those unfinished with this season or book) his character, Ned Stark met a very certain end, one he wouldn’t be likely to bounce back from. Or would he?

As fans of the book series know just about anything is possible in George R.R Martin‘s A Song of Ice and Fire. I mean, we were told with much certainty all dragons were dead and gone, and well, if you caught the finale you know, bitch has got dragons! (note, while I read the book a while back that was my exact reaction, in quote) So there’s a chance Ned could make a return appearance. When would it happen? Well, another spoiler here for the currently published books, be warned, Ned hasn’t made a reappearance yet. But A Dance with Dragons, the fifth of seven books, is releasing July 12th, who knows what happens!? My guess if he were to return it would be in these final as of yet unpublished books.

Here’s what Bean had to say about a return,

Maybe there’s hope for Ned yet! They can do anything. Anything can happen. It’s a very complex show. Very multilayered. And even the most absurd thing is believable. They’re about to start up again, and I’m feeling a twinge of envy, because the saga gets to go on without me. I’m doing something else now, but sometimes I go, “Aw, $@#!, bring me back.”

Fuck, dude, we want you back too. The question is how badly? What do you guys think, disregard the books and bring him back no matter what or adhere to the novels and hold out hope he’ll reappear?

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