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Green Lantern is a Fat Bastard

A few years back, Robert Smigel, the creator of TV Funhouse, wrote a screenplay for a Green Lantern comedy with Jack Black set to play the lead role. The draft is available online, and apparently it really fuckin’ sucks. After reading the mini synopsis on io9, I really don’t want to subject myself to reading this garbage.

From Smigel’s interview with Vanity Fair:

Basically just the premise that the wrong guy gets the ring and can do all kinds of goofy visual jokes-because the visuals are so potentially ridiculous. What appealed to me about it on a comedic level was that, in order to be a superhero, this requires no physical skill or talent. All it requires is owning this ring. Automatically, that’s a comedic premise. I was told they’re doing it as a comedy, that’s the way they’re going, so I didn’t really think about whether this was a wrong thing to do. I just knew that this was the movie they were making, and when I thought about the potential as a comedy, I felt like, yeah, I can do this…

Source: io9

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Mark Millar Says Things

At the Glasgow Comic Con, Mark Millar talked about the relaunch of the DC ‘Verse, and essentially isn’t very impressed by the whole idea. What it boils down to is the fact that Millar prefers to own his own characters rather than continuing to play with characters that have already been touched by others. The fanbase seems to be split between agreeing with the guy, and calling him a major douchenozzle who does good work.

From the transcript of his interview:

The culture atrophies if we just keep recycling the same thing, and when I saw the new Justice League that’s coming out in September, all slightly redesigned, it just felt like when you see Sylvester Stallone’s mum with botox?! It just looks weird. How many times can Batman kick the shit out of the Joker? How many times can the Penguin cause grief? If Galactus hasn’t destroyed the Earth the last forty times, chances are things are going to be fine!

And at DC it seems that there’s a massive desperation, they’re relaunching their entire line right now in September, all in one month. And I said, why didn’t you guys just roll it out over a year so that everybody gets a chance to buy, you know, try out the first issues? And they said, we’re actually more accountable to Warner Brothers now than we’ve ever been before – we need to show some serious profit.

Source: ComicBookMovie.com

Ryan Reynolds: Punk’d By Conan

During Ryan Reynolds’ appearance on Coco’s show last week, the crazy redhead had a little surprise for him… It turns out that Reynolds was not making the Green Lantern movie he thought he was.

It also turns out that the villain is actually a crazyass gypsy man-lady.

Source: ComicBookMovie.com

Spidey-Man: The Kids’ Musical

This is a snippet from Patrick Healy’s brutal review of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark in the New York Times, after having watched the latest version of the musical:

So is this ascent from jaw-dropping badness to mere mediocrity a step upward? Well, until last weekend, when I caught a performance of this show’s latest incarnation, I would have recommended “Spider-Man” only to carrion-feasting theater vultures. Now, if I knew a less-than-precocious child of 10 or so, and had several hundred dollars to throw away, I would consider taking him or her to the new and improved “Spider-Man.”

In response to this review, Conan O’Brien decided to show the world what a real kids’ Spider-Man musical would look like, complete with original music and all. Check out the video below!

Source: Comics Alliance

Doctor Who is Actually Batman!

Matt Smith, who plays the Eleventh Doctor, recently took part in an event called 24 Hour Plays in Los Angeles. During this event, all of the plays are written the night before and the actors spend all day rehearsing their roles before the curtains are drawn in the evening.

At the start of Gotham Autopsy, Smith is hanging out in a mortuary before he becomes a super confused Batman. Partway through the skit, Smith dropped his fake American accent and then became a Cockney Batman. Holy shit, Batman!

Source: The Telegraph

Lucy Punch to Play Deena Pilgrim in Powers

The FX adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s graphic novel Powers has added Lucy Punch to their cast list for the role of homicide detective Deena Pilgrim, who works in a department that deals with cases that involve super powers.

Punch’s other work includes the TV show Doc Marten and the comedic film Hot Fuzz.

Source: YouBentMyWookie

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