Last year at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios was the media front runner. With presentations that showed off footage from Thor and Captain America, and a stunt that confirmed Joss Whedon as director of The Avengers while bringing the films all-star cast together on the big stage. All of which culminated to one of the most memorable moments in Comic-Con history. Though nobody expected a duplicate experience in 2011, everyone was eager to see what Marvel would roll out.

What does Marvel studios have planned for Comic-Con 2011? Well…sadly, not a damn thing. Being that they blew their wad this year with the release of Thor and the upcoming release of Captain America, coupled with the on-going production of The Avengers, we kinda knew they might not have much to bring to the table and now the studio has confirmed that it will not bring a big panel to the Con. Son of a bitch! First year I’ll be attending Comic-Con and Marvel Studios decides to take the year off. Assholes. Eh, at least I won’t t have to wait for 2 days in the Hall H line and possibly be subject to Twilight just so I have a seat for the Marvel presentation.

Comic-Con 2011 will be considerably less exciting than previous years, but Marvel will have a few nice things for us. They will have a big booth on the main floor in which they will undoubtedly unveil some props from ‘The Avengers’. There are reports suggesting that there could be a big off-site event — likely something related to Captain America, as that film opens during the Con. I’m sure there will be some other goodies as well.

Meh. There is better stuff to see anyways, like the Game of Thrones panel.

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