Two new trailers here for you, one for Rise of the Planet of the Apes which might show more of the film than you’d like, the second is a kick-ass Japanese trailer for robo-fighting movie, Real Steal.

This trailer for Rise of the Planet of the Apes comes from the UK, which is why there’s a confusing August 12th release date at the end, I promise it releases in the US on the 5th. It features a lot of new footage, some would say too much. If you were already sure you’d be checking out Rise then I’d say skip it. There isn’t anything too spoilery but it does give away quite a bit of the set-up.

Rise stars James Franco as the scientist who in a way creates the first smart ape, Caesar. Caesar is going to be the real star of this movie, you just know it. He looks incredible, very real, very believable. And from what we see in this trailer the emotion Andy Serkis and WETA wizards are capable of getting across is unbelievable. I’m expecting this movie to really make us humans look and feel like complete shit. Which in some cases, many involving the treatment of animals, we should feel like shit. I don’t understand how you can’t feel compassion for other living creature but really how you won’t be able to feel for the incredible WETA apes in this movie, I don’t know. You’d have to be some heartless asswipe. Check out the trailer below and give us your thoughts. Think this film will make you scream ‘Ape Power!’

source: /Film

For the new trailer for Real Steal click the jump!

The idea might be a little ridiculous, it’s like Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots come to life, but if it’s executed well we could be in for one kick-ass fighting robot movie. Real Steal stars Hugh Jackman as a retired boxer, I think retired by the same robots he now “trains to fight, reunited with his son. They find an old, beat up sparring robot they then plan to make into the next star of robot fighting. I think it’s a solid premise and everything we’ve seen looks great. And really, can you turn down a flick where robots get to kick the crap outta each other? I thought not.

This trailer hails from the land of the rising sun, hence the subtitles and Japanese voice over. I’m betting this movie will be a big hit in Japan. I mean, fighting robots is so their thing. Watch the trailer and then let us know, will you be queuing up for Real Steal when it opens November 18th?

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