If you haven’t heard by now , director David Slade (Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night, Twilight Eclipse) will be helming a reboot of Daredevil. If I may digress for a second and ask if any of you have seen the directors cut of the 2003 super hero flick starring Ben Affleck? The theatrical version gets a lot of shit, as it should, but the extended cut is actually much better. There’s less love story with Elektra and there’s a whole side murder mystery plot going on (Rapper Coolio plays a crack addict who is framed for a Murder. Matt Murdock/Daredevil takes the case). I actually consider this version of the film a more than adequate realization of the classic comic book hero.

Regardless of how financially successful the first film was (made for $78 mil. and reached domestic gross of 102+ mil.), it was received as a critical failure and FOX wants to take another shot at it. FOX is known for being controlling douchebags who seem to specifically set out to ruin beloved comic book characters. However, considering recent efforts, I will give FOX credit. They seem to have gotten better with their comic book movie decisions. They let Matthew Vaughn pretty much have free will with X-Men: First Class and with the Wolverine sequel in the pipeline they offered the gig to Darren Aronofsky. I take those as signs indicating that they actually understand that a better film translates to long term success (sequels, spin-offs..etc).

Anyway, back to David Slade and the Daredevil reboot. 2 things. 1. He may revealed the title of the reboot in a recent tweet where he was seen correcting a false item on IMDB. Here is what he Tweeted:

Dear IMDB. Keep up! Directed Ep 403 of Breaking Bad, Demeter is not in pre production, just talks. THE DAREDEVIL is in script development.

2. In another recent tweet he offered an update on the films production:

Daredevil is being written only by Brad Kane. He and I are currently accelerating through the plot and character stage.

“The Daredevil”? Using “The”is  just silly. On the other hand, Batman is always referred to as ‘The Batman”. So I dunno how I feel about it. I’ll bite my tongue for now. It could be a working title or just throw of words anyway. Will just have to wait and see if Slad Slade has any follow up tweets clarifying the title. As far as the script goes, I heard it will be adapted from Frank Miller’s ” Born Again” comic arc. Which was a fairly decent arc.

I’m not too confident with David Slade in the directors chair. Especially given 30 Days of Night and Eclipse, which are not good films. Time will tell, I guess.


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