Holy shit Ron Howard is the busiest man in Hollywood right now, well at least on paper that’s how it seems! The well known director was set to direct the now dying Dark Tower project. But now is mentioned to be attached to a Mad Magazine strip Spy Vs Spy.

In addition to various film projects Howard is also being connected to a Frankenstein series set to be aired on FOX. Max Landis is set to draft the project. Max is the son of John Landis who penned the upcoming film Chronicle set to be released next year.

Little is known about either of Howard’s projects except that Frankenstein would be told from Igor’s point of view.

So what do ya’ll think of these potential projects? And will anything really ever top the ’94 version with De Niro, Bonham-Carter and Branagh (not only directing but acting in it!)??

Source: SlashFilm, ComingSoon.net

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