With Game of Thrones ending what’s the next show to hook all of us and keep the cash flow steady for HBO? Their perennial hit, True Blood. Beginning it’s fourth season this Sunday, June 26th at 9pm the vampire series has a lot to answer for. After three, bloody seasons fans have been taken on a roller coaster of weird. It all started innocently enough, a not-so-lame version of girl meets vampire with lots of sex throw in. It is an HBO show after all, their allowed certain liberties and we’ve come to expect a certain amount of raunch from their shows. Then they went off introducing shape-shifters, were-panthers and fairies! Yeah, it may have gone a little off the deep end, but we fans only hungered for more.

I’m guessing though after three seasons some key details can become a little muddled. Who killed who? Whose fucking who? Who killed who then fucked who? Those kinds of questions. Well, we’ve got a series recap here for you that will have you up to speed before you can say, “Sookie.” You know, in that deep, guttural tone.

Watch HBO’s True Blood in Under 5 Minutes and then let us know what you’re most excited for this season? Eric and Sookie to finally get it on? More about Sookie’s fairy powers? Or do you just want more sex where people’s neck’s are twisted around backwards? I mean, that scene was like, the hit of season.

True Blood in Under 5 Minutes

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