Green Lantern DC, a gay bar in Washington, DC, is “where the men play” underneath the Toolshed. The website, as some confused Green Lantern fans may have discovered, is That has me wondering: what is the Green Lantern movie website? Google tells me that it is Well, that clears up any confusion. Perhaps Warner Bros should just foward their site over to It’s the same thing anyway, right?

The place looks like a complete shithole from the outside, and the interior looks really fuckin’ gaudy, and, well… like a gay bar. But according to site, it is:

A place for regular guys to meet in a casual, clean, and fun spot.

What makes this place more casual, clean, and/or fun than other place?  Also, that implies that the bar is more of a all-guys’ bar, which doesn’t fit with their slogan and list of daily specials, where they’ve got some super exciting things going on like “Bears Do Yoga”, “Shirtless Men Drink Free”, and an “Underwear Party”! It is also, apparently, where you’d go to “Cruise and be Cruised”, according to one of the bar’s patrons (capitalization mine).

Point is: it’s a gay bar, and it’s called Green Lantern DC. Gotta love that irony.

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