Machinima decided that a selection of the E3 Booth Babes needed to be quizzed on their gaming knowledge. That’s why those women got hired to front for those gaming companies in the first place isn’t it? I mean their not just window dressing, designed to attract hormone throbbing male gamers to the booth in an effort to promote the game. No gaming company would stoop so low as to use SEX to sell video games.

I have seen a lot of posts around the Internet about how people hate Booth Babes. For shame I say! Shame on all of those haters. Struggling new Porn actresses have to have some kind of gig to pay the bills before they hit it big. I just joking around, this E3 Booth gig has to pay better than the lunch crowd at The Strip House. Damn they so have a great lunch buffet at that place though, now I know where all the regular girls went last week. Oh, if your looking for me after the video . . . “I’ll be in my bunk.”

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