When we first saw the poster for Spy Kids 4 it advertised the film would be coming to theatres in four dimensions, or rather 4D. Umm, what? Will this film have us traveling in time? Unfortunately it’s not something that cool, but rather we’ll travel in a land of smells. Excuse me as I try not to barf in my popcorn. Somehow the thought of my theatre smelling like the movie grosses me out.

Robert Rodriguez promises his yearning for you to smell his newest movie “ties into the plot” but what I’m smelling is only another money-making gimmick. This system, entitled Aromoscope is similar to smelly systems used previously, like with John Water’s Polyester. It’s a card with eight different scents which can be triggered by wiping a finger across. I’m still a little confused by this process, are they individual cards passed around or smells pumped in to the theatre? I don’t know, the whole concept sounds dumb. Somehow, I doubt I’m the key demographic Spy Kids and their Aromoscope are aiming for, so who cares.

What’s more interesting is to think about what other movies do you think would benefit from Aromoscope?

source: /Film

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