As a preface to today’s news, I’d like it to be known that I am not in favor of a 300 prequel. This is not to say I didn’t like 300, which I did. I thought it was  a fantastic realization of the comic. It’s this very reason why I do not wish to explore the universe anymore. The first flick was more or less a visual exercise; shirtless muscle men, blood, gore and cinematic action sequences galore. However, the narrative of 300 men taking on an army of million+ depicts heroic idealism. There’s connectivity to that. Which is why I think the story from the history books has become legend and subject to all sorts of fantastic interpretations. Suffice to say, it’s inspirational.

This in-the-works prequel aims to explore Xerxes rise to power, supposedly beginning about ten years before 300. To be frank, I just think that pails in comparison to the story of the 300. No matter how you spin it, the story of Xerxes, a bad guy mind you, just doesn’t speak to anything worth exploring. In other word, it’s seems rather pointless.

Well that’s my two cents anyway. For those of you who are vested in the prequel, we have some news.

If you haven’t heard by now, director Zack Snyder’s will not be helming the prequel. His involvement with ‘Man of Steel’ is preventing him from returning.  Now, Deadline reports that the list of potential replacement directors is down to two: Noam Murro and Jaume Collet-Serra and that the film has officially been retitled from ‘Xerxes’ to  300: Battle of Artemisia.

Murro’s sole feature directing credit is the 2008 indie comedy/drama Smart People, though he’s also responsible for the live-action marketing campaign for the video game franchise Halo and is attached to direct Die Hard 5. Jaume Collet-Serra meanwhile, directed Orpahn and, mostly recently, Unknown. He’s also said to be helming the upcoming “Dracula” tale, Harker.

As stated earlier, I’m not interested in this  prequel, but I am sorta intrigued at seeing Murro’s name being thrown around. He did some amazing work with those live-action Halo commercials. I’m curious to see what he could with a full-length feature such as this. I think he could be the next Snyder or Neill Blomkamp.

Time will tell. Will keep you posted as the news develops. In the mean time, what say you? Do want to see a 300 prequel? How do you feel about the directors mentioned? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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