Action Figures Critique ‘Green Lantern’

Some guy made a pretty funny video review of the Green Lantern movie, using Marvel and DC action figures to support his opinions.

From the YouTube description:

Deadpool is all smiles about Green Lantern’s critical reception. While Hal Jordan has the ability to overcome fear, does he have the ability to overcome depression?

My personal favorite highlight of the video:

Deadpool: So how do you feel about the idea that your movie may not have only killed your franchise, but the franchises of every superhero ever? And please phrase your answer in the form of uncontrollable sobbing from a man who’s lost all faith in humanity.

It’s pretty funny, and is done well enough. Check it out:

What do you guys think: are people really just getting sick of comic book movies? Or are we a biased bunch and are unable to comment?

Source: Topless Robot

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