While we all know about Michael Bay’s “unique” directing style , which includes a lot of explosive action mixed with a minimal amount of story continuity, early reviews indicate that his latest film Transformers: Dark of the Moon is a nice change that you wouldn’t expect out of Michael Bay. But despite its positive reviewing, there is always a group of haters who dislike his cinematic style all together.

The Nerdbastards crew, always trying to be equal, found what the haters and lovers of the aforementioned have to say about his vision. Finding people who hate Bay is easy, but we’ll start with the “diamond in the rough” worshippers who pray Bay’s alter, that are a bit harder to find. In their latest video, The Monocular Group, give us a funny/entertaining view on what makes Bay so special.

Thanks to Twitchfilm for the heads up on this video and The Monocular Group for making it. It truly is clever, well-edited, and exciting while being ironic and funny. There are two songs in the trailer, Baby Dee – Horn Pipe and Equilibrium – Snüffel.

Obviously, the video is a joke and it’s making fun of Michael Bay’s signature style but, at the same time, it raises an interesting discussion point. Michael Bay’s movies do things that few other filmmakers are capable of. Just because he forgoes some other elements to provide huge action, does that make him less of an artist than anyone else? If independent films are acclaimed for doing small character stuff incredibly well, why can’t Bay’s films be lauded for also doing something incredibly well?

If given a choice between the two, a good story beats a boisterous explosion fest every time. I’m not advocating that the characters, their acting or the storyline over all should be ignored, but ideally blockbusters should have these elements as a bridge between dramatic action scenes. But it’s interesting to know that action doesn’t command respect like a subtle performance does.



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