It’s an age old debate, is Batman the cure for crime in Gotham City, or the cause? Obviously, Gotham was a mighty big shit hole before he starting jumping rooftops dressed as a bat, but, if we use The Dark Knight as a major argument against, crazy villains like the Joker only appear after Batman. And hell, if you want to go with the comic book origin, Batman literally created the Joker by throwing poor Jack Napier into a vat of acid. Maybe it was an accidental shove, but still, without a Batman there wouldn’t be a Joker.

It is this timeless fanboy headache the crew of Cracked’s After Hours bring to the table in their newest episode, Why Batman Is Secretly Terrible for Gotham. You might remember these guys (and girl) from Why Star Wars is Secretly Terrifying for Women, in which they made some pretty eye-opening remarks. But is Batman truly bad for Gotham?

As expected things get heated when debating the usefulness of the world’s favorite crime fighter. Then things get really heated. Like steamy. Watch for yourself and feel free to weigh in below. Me? Batman is completely necessary. Who else would I obsess over? Superman? Puh-leaze!

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