New ‘Thundercats’ Cartoon Gets an Air Date

You know what sucks? Unless you’re 25+ years old, you probably have no idea who or what the ThunderCats are. Damn generation gap making me feel old as shit. I dunno, despite being born after 1990, you young nerds seem to know a lot of the good old days. You probably are quite familiar with Lion-O and his band of humanoid cat people taking refuge on 3rd earth and curmudgeony old Mum-Ra screaming at them to get of his lawn. If you haven’t seen it, then I highly suggest you watch the entire series all the way thru. Especially before you tune into the upcoming reboot.

Yes, if you haven’t heard by now, there is new ThunderCats cartoon coming are way. We’ve talked about it quite a bit here at NerdBastards. Based off the trailers and images we’ve seen, it appears to honor the original series while being fresh and different. I think it will capture the attention of old fans while bringing in new ones. Though, I gotta say that ‘m not too fond of the anime style animation and I don’t like how Lion-O looks like a 5 year old. Eh, at least Cheetara is smokin hot. Wait. Would it be considered bestiality if I am getting off to a female cartoon cat person? Awkward!

So when can we see this new cartoon? Glad you asked.  The new ThunderCats cartoon premieres on Friday, July 29th, on Cartoon Network. There will be two episodes beginning at 8pm EST. After that, they’ll air at 8:30pm EST on Fridays, one per week. Mark your calendars accordingly.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen it, here’s the latest trailer:

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