It’s that time again for the Superhero Roundup. It has all the news that was too small to have its own spotlight, but too juicy to pass up. Sneak peeks for today’s roundup include an sneak peek on possible costume ideas for our favorite kitty “Catwoman”, some gory Avenger mishaps, and exclusive interviews for super hero films in the works all of which you can read after the jump.


We start our roundup with the femme of the hour Catwoman! With filming of The Dark Knight Rises underway, and our only sneak peek character looks coming in the beefy, but scary Bane; people can’t help but wonder what Catwoman is gonna look like. Obviously the Catwoman that must not be named isn’t an option (Halle Barry that’s all I’m saying), and the recreation of the iconic Batman Forever Catwoman outfit is out of the question for the style of movie that Nolan has created so far. So the sky is the  limit when it comes to the inspiration for the outfit, right?

Well, Hollywood Insider claims to have the inside scoop on what the direction might be for Nolan’s Catwoman, which is:

“Anne’s outfit is more tactical, like the comic book, than the previous Batman movies,” a source very close to the costume design tells us exclusively. “She will definitely be wearing the goggles and it’s going to be less sexy than Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman costumes. She’s going to look more like a robber”

No offense, but this “insider” is pretty vague about this costume design.The only thing that we can assume from this is that it may look something like Darwyn Cooke’s 2001 re-design of the antihero.

via io9


Crazy Hijinks on The Avengers set make for some gory photos on the interwebz. TMZ reported that while filming for Joss Whedon’s highly anticipated film The Avengers, stuntman Jeremy Fitzgerald suffered a terrible head injury, while filming a scene with Hawkeye. From what that stuntman divulged he said that,

“… his job was simple—get hit with an arrow and fall 30 feet off a building, but he caught his foot on the way down, and slammed his head into the brick leaving behind a freshly peeled slab of scalp.”

But, it could have been a lot worse ‘cause according to Fitzgerald he narrowly missed a razor sharp gutter during that whole ordeal. This guy was no pussy though ‘cause despite being in a very precarious condition he went right back to work with just a bandage on his head.
A Marvel spokesperson later told TMZ:

“[Jeremy] was fine. He slid briefly along the side of the building. He got right back up and did several more takes.”

Check out the following photos at your own discretion, for those a bit too squeamish with blood and the like I wouldn’t suggest looking at the photo.

Via: TMZ

In other Marvel News, Marvel Studios’ Vice President of Production, Tom Cohen, gives Collider an in-depth interview on the cinematic adaptations of Ant-Man and Deadpool, along with future plans for The Wolverine and a sequel for X-Men: First Class, just to name a few. Check out the interview below.

Finally, we end our roundup with a look at the DC and Marvel franchise’s battle for reader and box office viewership. Filmjournal wrote a captivating article this week that discusses the resurgence of the Marvel franchise despite the supposed monopoly DC has over the box office.  Filmjournal attributes this resurgence to Kevin Feige who began to make Marvel a fighting contender after his involvement with the the film Iron Man. Here are some other observations that were made in the article about Feige’s involvement in the success of Marvel Studios.On Feige’s past and current projects:

“Under Feige’s watch, Marvel Studios has produced two Iron Man adventures that together grossed over $1.2 billion worldwide and kicked off the 2011 summer movie season with the Paramount release ofThor, which just passed the $400 million mark. July brings the studio’s next big Paramount release,Captain America: The First Avenger, directed by Joe Johnston (see our sidebar) and starring Chris Evans as the super-serum-enhanced freedom fighter who goes up against a cackling villain known as The Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) in the midst of World War II.”




Risks with this year’s movies:

“By Feige’s own admission, both of Marvel Studios’ 2011 offerings represent a significant risk for the still-young outfit in that they test the mass audience’s appetite for stories and characters that depart from the usual comic-book movie fare. With its mixture of gods and monsters, Thor is almost a full-fledged fantasy, while Captain America is a period piece that takes place in the early ’40s—long before the majority of the movie’s target audience was born.”

To find out more about Feige and his involvement with great movie making by Marvel Studios, check out the full article at Filmjournal.

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