So, the production of the World War Z movie is finally underway after a few years of just talking.
Filming has already begun, with Brad Pitt playing the lead role of the dude going around and interviewing all of these people and getting their accounts of the zombie war.

Now they’ve got to do some recasting, however. Two of the actors who initially signed on for the movie have been eaten by zombies and are, thus, useless to the rest of the cast.

Matthew Fox, who is best known for his role on the TV series Lost, will no longer be a part of the World War Z movie. This is due to a reported scheduling conflict with his other movie, I, Alex Cross, in which he stars alongside Tyler Perry.

On the other hand, who knows why Ed Harris has bailed. Perhaps he actually got eaten by zombies?

The producers are currently recasting those two roles. Even though they’ll probably sign on some lesser known actors, what do you guys think of this change in the roster?

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