OK, I’m not as big of an Anime fan as I used to be. Many of these newer series suck righteous balls, but Neon Genesis Evangelion has held a special place in my nerdy little heart. Packed with action, drama and more teen angst then an episode of Gossip Girl, it’s been able to hold it’s own as a timeless series in Japanese animation. The products associated with it however are another story. With over 6000 different products with the series stamped on it, some can get pretty pricey. But, that’s nothing to those willing to spend a bit more for their collection.

Limited to only 333 bottles, these  750ml bottles will set you back a more then a pretty penny. Labeled as “Evangelion Sparkling” each bottle of wine will set you back only a mere $600 but hey it’s only booze right? Wrong.

Each one of these limited release bottles rocks a freaking diamond, or six if you buy the EVA bottle, and comes covered in what might actually be gold. Seems like a good deal but if your willing to kill your brain cells on a bottle of $600 wine then why not just go out and get some normal beer like a real man.

Via: Kotaku

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