The apocalypse may not happen during our lifetime, but the fictionalized ones where robots take over the world due to their technological superiority  or zombies slumping and dragging their way into our hearts (and brains), have always been very popular. Yet there is one apocalyptic entity that has been ignored and that is clones! Think about it. They talk like us, think like us, and we are identical down to the smallest eyelash. This should cause some concern, and in “How to Defeat Your Own Clone” we are shown just how bad it can be to go against someone that knows all your dark secrets .

This latest post-apocalyptic adaptation to get snatched up by Dimension Films will be an adaptation of the book How to Defeat Your Own Clone, written by Kyle Kurpinski andTerry D. Johnson. The book is a comedy guidebook in the style of How to Survive a Robot Uprising. The film however will take a different turn as Variety states that the film will be about, “…a man trying to help humans dominate over clones after a biotech revolution.” The script is currently being adapted by Ed Ricourt.

No deals are currently in the works for any particular actor to be featured in the film, and no filming schedule has been announced.

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