We’re just swimming in all of this awesome Harry Potter stuff what with the last movie coming up in a bit over a week!

Bad Wand Productions put together a Harry Potter parody of the super well known song, “Baby Got Back”. Their song, “Baby Got Broom”, is well written but the rapping definitely isn’t its strongest quality. The video itself isn’t all that great but it’s definitely still worth a listen.

If the Engorgio charm actually existed, there wouldn’t be a need for huge, pointless, cars like Hummers and girls all over the world need not be disappointed any longer. (Ha, see what I did thar?)

Lyrics are after the jump!

Oh my god
Ginny look at his broom, it is so big
He could manage my mischief any day
Yeah he’s got the magic stick
Don’t need felix felicis to get lucky
I mean, he’s built like the whomping willow
I can’t believe it’s just so long, it’s out there
I mean – woah. Look!
That boy’s got… Wand!

I like big brooms and I cannot lie
You other witches can’t deny
That when a boy walks up to ask you out on a date
With a hard wand in your face
You get stunned

Can’t look enough cuz you notice
That stick was stuffed
Deep in the robes he’s wearin’
I’m hexed and I can’t stop starin’

Oh baby, I wanna get with ya
In a moving picture
Trelawney tried to warn me
But that snake you got
Makes me so horny

Ooo dragon tamer
Won’t stop till the beast is slain
Well use me, use me
Cuz a beater can’t be choosy

He’s been enhancing
To hell with enchanting
He’s hung, sprung
Makes the knickers all come undone

I’m tired of the ministry
Saying size don’t mean a thing
Take the average muggle and
Ask them that, you know he’s gotta be stacked

So ladies (yeah), ladies (yeah)
Does your boy speak parseltongue (hell yeah)
Then stroke it, stroke it, stroke that basilisk

Baby got Broom

Oh you can ride it well
And when I’m throwin a spell
I just can’t help myself
I’m acting like Voldemort, lock you up in my dorm

I wanna be alone
And uh, jinx you up, uh uh
Don’t play it coy
Engorgio charms were meant for boys

I want it real thick and juicy
So cook up double double
Double toil and trouble
Makin’ my cauldron bubble

So Im watching twilight videos
Vampires, werewolves fightin like ho’s
You can have them bimbos
I’ll eat my wizards like fro-yo

A word to the magic misters
I wanna fly with ya
I won’t curse or trick ya
But I gotta be straight when I say I wanna
Duel till the break of dawn

Boy’s got it goin on
A lot of muggles won’t like this song
Cuz them punks can’t understand quidditch
But you know they wanna play

Cuz he’s long, he’s strong
That boy’s got the elder wand

So fellas (yeah) fellas (yeah)
Are you fixed with a thick death stick (hell yeah)
Then reach down, pull it out
Even Hermione’s got to shout

Baby got Broom

Yeah baby, when it comes to wands
Olivander’s got nothin’ to do with my selection
6 inch, phoenix feather, pretty stiff?
Only if I smoke gillyweed

So your boyfriend rides a cleansweep
That should be in a trash heap
Well rubbish ain’t gonna throw a witch into a deep sleep

My chamber of secrets
Don’t want none unless you’re well hung, son
You can use lotions or potions
But please don’t break that wand

Some witches wanna play a little hard roll
And say they’d rather do a troll
So they mock it, tease it
And I pull up quick to receive it

So Snape may say you’re jack
Well he’s never rocked the sack
Cuz your moves are smooth and your charms are kickin’
And our time is tickin’

To the death eatersthe and dark lord
You can’t win the war
He’s got the sword of Gryffindor
So long it drags on the floor

Some Slytherins like to hiss
Cuz this boy is on my list
He has game and knows how to use it
Sorting hat just can’t refuse it

So fellas if you’re tightly wound
And you want a magical throw-down
Find platform 9 and 3/4
And make that engine purr

Baby got Broom

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