This super hero news round-up is so big it’s actually exploding in your face with cape ‘n’ tights awesomeness! Let’s get to it! First up we have an incredible fan-made trailer for Mark Miller‘s Old Man Logan. All the footage is provided from multiple films but Clint Eastwood has the honor of portraying our lead. Pretty fantastic casting if you ask me.

Here’s some words from creator, ,

I re-read the books again and wanted to make something for now. Later on I want throw in more from the books into a longer trailer. In it I plan to shed a little more light as to what caused the apocalypse. I also am changing it up and removing the Kingpin (wasn’t a fan of how they changed him in the books and no it’s not a racial thing). Instead I’m throwing in Magneto (was curious about his presence in a post-apocalyptic world). Enjoy.

Kick-ass trailer plus an extra helping of Magneto!? Lots of win here.

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There’s more super hero new below the cut including (but not limited to) a first look at the new Wayne Manor, set pics from Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel, and The Avengers might show up at San Diego Comic Con after all.


Check it out, it’s the new Wayne Manor. If you’ll remember the Bat-mansion burned down in Batman Begins and during The Dark Knight, Bruce and co. operated out of Wayne Tower. Hmm…I wonder if we’ll see a little Bat and Cat action in the new pad? Playing the role of Wayne Manor is Wollaton Park Hall in Nottingham, England.

source: BleedingCool


It’s our first glimpse of what is most likely Smallville for Man of Steel. Only a few busted buildings but it does hint at some destruction coming the way of Clark Kent‘s childhood hometown. Is it a super-powered smack down or a natural disaster? Either one is a possibility for those close to Superman’s roots.

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Captain America: The First Avenger is only about two weeks away but the promotional barrage keeps a-coming. Here are two featurettes showing some behind-the-scenes footage as well as plenty of cast and crew interviews. Nothing too revealing, so don’t fear the spoilers. Captain America opens July 22nd.

We’ve also learned the possible run time for Captain America. According to Canadian website, Cineplex, the movie’s run time is 2 hours 4 minutes. Which puts Cap’s flick at 124 minutes compared to Thor‘s 114 and Iron Man‘s 126. Sounds reasonable to me, think it’s enough time to introduce new fans to Steve Rogers?

source: ComicBookMovie (2)


Have you tired of Ryan Reynolds in your comic book movies? Hope not, because he’s already got another one lined up. And no, unfortunately it’s not Deadpool. You know, the one comic book character he’d be perfect for. His next film is R.I.P.D and ComicBookMovie was able to lay hands on a script. The good news is, Reynold’s role seems to be tailor made for his comedic charm. Plus, Jeff Bridges! Hell yeah.

In R.I.P.D., Reynolds plays Nick Walker, a Chicago cop who gets gunned down by his partner, Simon Hawes. And then Walker wakes up in the afterlife, where he’s offered a chance to join a secret elite police force: the Rest In Peace Division. So many people are dying nowadays, due to the soaring population, that some of the dead manage to escape from going into the light, and instead hide out on Earth. Walker’s job is to spend the next hundred years hunting down the dead on Earth.

Walker gets paired with a veteran partner: Bocephus “Bo” Pulsipher, a former Wild West lawman who died back in the 1800s. There are many, many funny scenes of Bo showing Nick the ropes, including the two of them watching Nick’s funeral and Bo commenting on the mediocre turnout. Bo is kind of a grouchy old stick-in-the-mud who idolizes Hoyt Stenson, the lawman he partnered with when he was alive. He’s sort of a gruff mentor with a hefty dose of the crazy — and the dynamic between Nick and Bo is not that dissimilar to the Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones relationship in the first Men In Black. Zach Galifianakis was originally supposed to play this role but he dropped out and Jeff Bridges signed on to take his place.

Anyway, part of the way the R.I.P.D. move among us unnoticed is that they are camouflaged: when people look at Nick and Bo, they see Nick as an elderly Chinese man. And they see Bo as a statuesque beautiful woman with giant breasts. In one scene, Nick tries to go talk to his widow, but she just sees a Chinese man talking gibberish to her. In other scenes, men keep coming up to Jeff Bridges and begging him to dance in their music videos.

Oh, and whenever the secretly dead get upset or want to exert more power, they turn into monsters, with blobs and tentacles and stuff. They’re sort of like monster ghosts, akin to Ghostbusters, but also not that different than the monsters that the M.I.B. hunt in their movies. The R.I.P.D. hunt them down with special guns, firing “soulkiller” bullets, and other special ordinance. There is a lot of mayhem in this film, as the undead cops chase ghosts all over the city and they trash everything in their path.

Without giving too much away, there’s more to Hawes than just a dirty cop, and it turns out that a mistake that Nick made when he was alive has a bearing on a potentially apocalyptic case the R.I.P.D. is investigating now.

The newest draft starts with a monologue by Bridges, whom we see bringing in a suspect, and then cuts to Nick planting a tree (and burying some evidence.) Also, the latest version eliminates some minor bad guys and changes the role of Hawes, the cop who kills Nick. And there’s a bigger role for Nick and Bo’s boss, Procter, who’s rumored to be played by Jodie Foster.

Oh, and one thing I like about the movie is that it’s made clear several times that there are always more apocalyptic crises around every corner. As Procter says towards the end: “You think this is the only crisis we ever faced? It’s just been daisies and unicorns up until last week? The trouble doesn’t end with St. Peter’s Key. These ancient civilizations practically crapped magical artifacts.



And finally, guess what? Marvel might be bringing The Avengers to Comic Con after all. Unfortunately it’s not the big Hall H show we’d like to see, but they will have a presence, as S.H.I.E.L.D.

As was teased with WonderCon, S.H.I.E.L.D. is becoming the main focus of Marvel’s viral marketing efforts at comic book conventions, and in San Diego this year they’re going all out. More vehicles (sponsored again by Acura, but of course) will be scattered throughout, along with more S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel. We’ve also heard that the massive Helicarrier bridge is a very important set piece in the actual movie, and might be the centerpiece for Marvel’s booth this year, just like Odin’s giant throne was the centerpiece last year (but that’s not 100% confirmed and won’t be until someone gets photos of the showfloor). Oh and apparently there will be footage showing on screens around the showfloor. But we’re not exactly sure what footage yet.

Not quite what fans had in mind I’m sure, but welcomed nonetheless. I have to say, it is a little shocking there won’t be an Avengers hoopla going on at Comic Con this year. Missed opportunity for Marvel. What do you think? Will this S.H.I.E.L.D. viral marketing appease you?

source: ComicBookMovie

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