After watching Rick Grimes and company drive off into the sunset, just what is in store for the second season of AMC‘s drama set in a post-apocalyptic zombie world? Bleeding Cool found the first trailer for The Walking Dead‘s upcoming season, but it’s more of a strip tease rather then a complete show. Sure, there’s no real action other then a gun shot and some zombies, but come on, it’s a second season of blood and gore from a fantastic network.

Check out the trailer below and see if you can spot the that little something extra in it.

Now, while that was pretty sweet, Atlanta cake artist “Sweets to the Sweet” made something even sweeter and safe for human consumption…cake. Created for a cast-member of the TV adaptation, this Walking Dead-themed zombie cake depicts a very memorable scene from the first episode/issue of the series.

mmmm…cake. It’s not a lie, just dead inside.

via: Bleeding Cool, You Bent My Wookie

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