Burger Becomes Uncharted for Sony

It  appears that the film adaptation of Playstation’s Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is back on track after the departure of writer/director David O. Russel (Three Kings, The Fighter) this past may. Sony announced yesterday that ‘Limitless’ filmmaker Neil Burger will now sub for Russell on the project, which may or may not proceed with Mark Wahlberg (was David O. Russel’s top pick for the role) as the intrepid treasure hunter Nathan Drake, who, in his first adventure, battles mutants, pirates, and double-crossers to find the legendary treasure of El Dorado.

Burger is an interesting choice to helm Uncharted. Sure, Limitless was both a critical and commercial success for Relativity Media, but the movie about a writer that accesses 100 per cent of his brain after taking a new drug isn’t Burger’s first brush with genre film. The nerdy amongst us might remember his mesmerizing 2006 film The Illusionist, about a turn of the 20th century magician played by Edward Norton. Burger made the film on a relatively (in Hollywood terms) small budget, but it got lost in the shuffle released just weeks before Christopher Nolan’s high-profile adaptation of The Prestige, which was also about turn of the century magicians. Still, I defy anyone to nitpick the production values of The Illusionist as compared to its big budget cousins.

There’s no word on a potential release date for Uncharted, but Sony has an eye on it becoming an “Indiana Jones style” franchise it can exploit for years to come. Of course, the makers of the Lara Croft movies once had the same idea and we all know how that turned out…

So what do you think of Burger on Uncharted? Good, bad or indifferent? Sound off below.

*Note the above report was written by Nerd Bastards contributor Adam A. Donaldson.

Source: Variety

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