Just when you needed a new reason to hate George Lucas… Actually, you didn’t need a new reason, but he’s given one to you just the same. Or more specifically, to the Star Wars fanboys in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn.

A planned 13-hour marathon of all six Star Wars films at a bar called The Wicked Monk was scuttled this week when screening organizers were given a cease-and-desist order by Lucasfilm lawyers. The letter also slammed organizers for unauthorized use of Star Wars logos and artwork in their promotions. Needless to say, the fans were caught a bit off guard.

“God forbid a few people in Brooklyn want to get together and watch the movies — that we paid for!” said organizer Mike DeVito in an article in The Brooklyn Paper. “I think [Lucas] has become worse than [Darth Vader]. Darth Vader is at least redeemable.”

DeVito and his co-organizer Bianca Sunshine have spent two months promoting the event, and say that they weren’t look to make a profit by screening the sci-fi saga. In fact, admission was free and the only cost to people attending were the Star Wars themed drinks and the $1 raffle tickets. Interestingly, Sunshine puts on a regular screening at The Wicked Monk highlighting cult classics like The Warriors, The Outsiders, Clockwork Orange and Kill Bill, and has never before been hit by legal paperwork for her efforts.

So it begs the question, what made Lucas and his lawyers bring the hammer down on these NYC Star Warriors? Is it because he’s got the 3-D Star Wars hitting theatres next year? Blu-Rays in the fall? Or is he just becoming progressively more Vaderish as he gets older? Whatever the reason, it seems that Lucas has lost at least one fan for life.

“I always tried to be the one voice saying ‘oh, he’s not that bad’,” DeVito said. “I’ve always had such blind loyalty. That’s over.”

And remember George, no one holds a grudge like Brooklyn


*Note the above story was written by Nerd Bastards contributor Adam A. Donaldson.

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