With Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 coming out this weekend, nothing is better than making parody videos about the entire series. What… you didn’t get the memo?! Well, then, thank the good book that Tessa Netting did; she made a parody song based on “Hello” from The Book of Mormon, alongside Trey Parker and Matt Stone. You know, those two guys who spent years supplying you dick and fart jokes on South Park? Yeah… they made a musical. (Gasp!)

The video was written, performed and edited by Netting, who did an amazing job. Though, she may not have realized just how much this song directly reflects the cult status of Harry Potter and the fans’ religious devotion to the Boy Who Lived.

This DOES NOT contain any spoilers for the final Harry Potter movie — so no angry Hufflepuffs, ok?

Come to think of it, Harry Potter books are kinda like the Bible: they are multiple books that tell one outragous story. Just wait ’til they start going door to door, and then we’re fucked.

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