(article by nerdbastards contributor Adam A. Donaldson, @adamadonaldson)

Amongst the veritable treasure trove on Deviant Art comes some new work that will put a smile on the face of anyone that grew up with the Disney Afternoon slate of animated series. Artist E.D. Thweatt has rendered several characters from Talespin, Darkwing Duck, Chip ‘N’ Dales Rescue Rangers and DuckTales, and transformed them into humans, or at least as imagined by a Disney Animator.

Looking at Thweatt’s Deviant page he seems to have an affinity for Disney characters, not to mention a talent for realizing them, but these human versions of characters like Darkwing Duck, Gozlyn, Scrooge McDuck, Baloo, Gadget, et al is where he really seems to shine. You can also check out his gender switching sketches of Belle and Gaston from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

To our fellow Nerd Bastards, enjoy the artwork. And to E.D. Thweatt, keep up the good work.

source: TheMarySue

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