With various movie stores around the country going under, Netlfix has managed to dominate the video rental market with its low prices, and streaming accessibility. It wasn’t free, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t the best deal to legally get movies with its $9.99 a month subscription fee, that didn’t bust your budget. Sadly, the winds of change are blowing in Netflix’s sails, with changes in monthly subscriber fees that customers will not be happy about.

Netflix announced today that their  new prices will split DVD and streaming subscriptions into separate tiers. So start saying goodbye to a threesome bundle of  DVDs and unlimited streaming, ‘cause the new pricing plans will be split to $7.99 unlimited streaming each month (remaining unchanged since their last pricing change), and $7.99 for a new plan offering only DVDs, limited to only one out at a time. In order to get both plans, subscribers will now have to pay $15.98, and while this may sound reasonable it will feel like a kick to your coin purse that you’re not used to.

For new members, this new pricing plan will be effective immediately, but current subscribers won’t have changes on their plans until September 1, 2011. The company is still at the top of its game right now, even with the60% price jump, but its continued success from here on out will depend on the consumers ability to adapt to this change. If they don’t want to pay the new price they’re just going to have to find another way to watch movies, which hopefully aren’t illegal.

How do you feel about the increase? Will it make you find more suitable means of watching movies at home or is it just a speed bump?


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