*Sigh* Chris Pine is MGM’s Top Choice for RoboCop

A few years ago MGM announced that they were remaking Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 classic RoboCop. Darren Aronofsky even signed on to direct to film. Eventually, he left the project due to differing opinions, and given MGM’s recent financial hiccups, the whole thing found it’s way to the scarp yard. But, it was salvaged. MGM hired writer Josh Zetumer to pen the script and brought on Jose Padilha (Elite Squad) to direct the sci-fi actioner, on a budget of 80 million dollars.

If I may digress here for a second and say that I am really starting to lose it. It’s as if someone found a list of every movie that ever meant anything to me and decided to “update” it. I can’t understand re-making a movie you can’t make any better. Robocop is a perfect example. The story is great, satire spot on, well acted and the graphics are fine too. It holds up! I’m sure modern cinematic technology and special effects will make for some fantastic action, but this remake will undoubtedly be a commercial, mainstream studio action movie. A cash grab on brand recognition, nothing more.

Anyway, latest word is that Star Trek‘s Chris Pine is MGM’s top pick for the cop who gets shot to pieces and then put back together in a robot body. This news come from Twitch:

Twitch has learned that the Star Trek actor is the studio’s top choice to take the lead in the upcoming reboot of the scifi franchise. There is no word as to whether director Jose Padilha agrees with the selection and the offer has not yet gone out but we’re told Pine currently tops the MGM casting list.

I got nothing against Chris Pine. I think he’s an excellent actor. Still, his physique and voice are a cause for concern. He’s not slender/tall enough to be Robocop. Furthermore, his voice just doesn’t feel right for that role.

As long as they don’t take away from the social commentary behind Robocop and make it all about blood and gore and something to appeal to female fans (which is why Chris Pine is so obviously their choice), I may give it a chance. Maybe.

Oh, for those of you who haven’t seen the original…here’s the plot summarized in a ten minute rap.

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