Damn, this internet age moves mighty quickly. Only this morning we were hearing solid rumors of Sam Raimi‘s longtime editor, Bob Murawski heading to Detriot to begin work on Evil Dead 4. Now the little birds are whispering Federico Alvarez, a short film director most known for 2009’s Panic Attack!, has been tapped as director.

Judging by Alvarez’s experience with low budget films that pack a lot of punch he sounds like he’ll fit perfectly in the Evil Dead franchise. Particularly since this film is also rumored to be made with a smaller budget and more in step with the first two Dead films.

Sadly, no official word yet if Bruce Campbell will either be reprising his role or involved in the project in some other way. Chances are though, he will. I mean seriously, Evil Dead without Bruce?! That’s blasphemous. Keep up with Bruce on Twitter where he has been dropping hints he knows more about this Evil Dead sequel than he’s letting on.

Also, everyone do your homework and check our Alvarez’ short film, Panic Attack! below in order to get some perspective on what he could bring to the franchise.

source: /Film

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