With the sixth season of Doctor Who on hiatus the BBC is encouraging fans to become more familiar with the almost 50 years of Whovian history. Available on the Doctor Who Facebook page are nine classic Who stories, many featuring the common until the reboot mult-episode framework. See how it all began with the first Doctor Who story, ever!, ‘An Unearthly Child.’ Or watch the fourth Doctor traipse around Paris with fellow Time Lord companion, Romana, in ‘City of Death.’ Or, check out the sixth Doctor in ‘Attack of the Cyberman‘ if only for a chance to marvel at his truly ridiculous coat.

Each story arc will cost you $1.50 in Facebook credits (seriously, they have their own money?! How behind the times am I?) and you’ll have the rental for 48 hours. Of course, if you have access to Netflix’s Instant Streaming you can already watch a handful of classic Who episodes, but the spectacular seventh Doctor story, ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy‘ is a Facebook exclusive. Unless you own the DVDs, but then this promotion really isn’t about you, is it?

Need some more Who to tide you over until October? Check out The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra, and yes the name pretty much sums it up correctly. The video below is of a musical project from several Who fans all performing Murray Gold‘s composition, “I Am The Doctor.” It was compiled through submissions and it’s simply, fantastic! Stay tuned to their Youtube page to find out how you can participate in their next piece, “This Is Gallifrey / Vale Decem.”

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