DC Comics Is Now Pro-Dick!

So… apparently, DC has been pretty salacious with their recent covers and promo art. The first couple of times this happened, it could easily have been attributed to oversight or genuinely being unaware of this new phenomenon. But, now, it’s definitely no coincidence.

Ladies and gents: after ages upon ages of sexualizing women and glorifying tits ‘n’ ass… DC Comics is pro-dick.

Find out how after the jump!

Here are some newly released issue covers that are part of the DCnU that exemplify this penis conspiracy.

This one is the cover for Suicide Squad #2. If you look closely, you’ll see that Deadshot has some robot-stylized dick painted on the crotch area.

Blackhawks #2 doesn’t necessarily include a penis, but the fighter jets shooting out of the dude’s crotch are a very obvious phallic symbol.

Now, this one takes the cake — the cover of Red Hood and the Outlaws #2. This is probably the most graphically-drawn penis on a comic book cover from any major comic company. Can’t quite see it? Well, Comics Alliance created a .gif that may put things into perspective for you:

Aside from the fact that that looks to be extremely uncomfortable, Red Hood is very clearly excited by the prospect of… oh, I don’t know, banging that chick at the forefront?

This is an interesting development for DC Comics, especially given years and years of the comic industry sexualizing and objectifying the women-folk, to suddenly go all pro-dick. And this dickery is obviously intentional and purposeful. But why? We don’t know if it’s because the DCnU artists decided to fuck around and sneak as much phallic action into their work as possible, because they were actually told to do so by their supes, or even because they just want to draw in more horny female readers. Though, whatever the reason, it’s pretty fuckin’ funny and I can’t wait to see more creative attempts to get all ’em the dicks up in there. (Pun intended? Maybe?)

Sources: Topless Robot and Comics Alliance

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