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Apparently, Chris Pine has some competition for the title role in the rebooted Robocop. Other sources, different from the sources that said yesterday that Pine, AKA: rebooted Captain Kirk from J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, are now saying that they’re, like, “75 per cent” sure that Dexter star Michael C. Hall will be playing Officer Murphy/RoboCop in the remake of Paul Verhoeven’s seminal 1987 sci-fi film.

If you read Nerd Bastards yesterday, you’ll know that Bastard-in-Chief Luke Gallagher was somewhat less than enthused about the selection of Pine. (Well actually, he was less than enthused about the whole darn thing, but that’s another issue…) The possibility of Hall stepping into the role makes much more sense since he’s an older actor (He’s currently 40, as was Weller when he played RoboCop in ’87), and if you saw him in the 2009 action-thriller Gamer then you know that he’s especially gifted in playing robotic.

MGM has hired rookie screenwriter Josh Zetumer and Elite Squad director José Padilha to bring this new RoboCop to life. Not much else is known about the project, but presumably the remake will follow Detroit police officer Alex Murphy who’s seemingly killed and dismembered by gang members only to be brought back to life as a cyborg thanks to a heartless corporation looking to create a new breed of police enforcers. While any misgivings about remakes are valid, one has to wonder if in the right hands, RoboCop’s thematic material might work better today. Don’t you think? I’ll buy that for a dollar!

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