Now I know this isn’t much, but hey at least it’s something! While the characters in the film may be “following the yellow brick road” the actual actors will be following this sign which was tweeted by actress Abigail Spencer.

In the film, Spencer will reportedly play “a young woman who is a willing subject of Oz’s magic tricks which the erstwhile magician is performing in Kansas.” That magician is played by James Franco whose balloon blows off course and finds himself in Oz, in the middle of an epic battle between three sisters: The good witch (Michelle Williams) the evil witch (Rachel Weisz) and the one torn between the two (Mila Kunis).

Also rounding out this AMAZING cast is Zach Braff! So even though this Sam Raimi directed prequel isn’t headed our way for a while yet at least it’s something to get excited about.  What do you guys think?? Any chance this will be the actual logo for the film??


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Source: SlashFilm


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