Dexter takes a whole new turn this season that may surprise you! In this promo trailer for season 6 titled, “Thank God” we see Dexter finally accepting the darkness inside of him, and turning his eyes towards a higher calling. Michael C. Hall explains in an interview Dexter and his Dark Passengers spiritual journey this upcoming season.

“Dexter has been very mindful about what he doesn’t want to pass on to his son and he needs to think about what he does want to pass on. That opens him up to a spiritual life. Inevitably it spills into his relationship with God and his own long-ignored and unacknowledged spiritual appetite.”

This trailer by all means is dark humor at its best, while showing this new layer of our favorite serial killer that makes him a hell of a lot more interesting. Season 6 is set to premiere in the fall, and will pick up a year after the Season 5 Finale with Dexter coming to terms with himself personally. Check out the promo below and see the new changes. By the way, make sure to leave your comments or thoughts in the box below.

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