At an advanced screening of the new Captain America movie put on for some lucky American service men and women showed an Avengers trailer after the credits. The service members started tweeting to pass on the news. Now there is no phone video footage out yet but I expect someone to post something once the Captain America movie premieres this coming Friday.

The synopsis of the trailer reported by CBM is below. I put the synopsis after the break because of SPOILERS. Just click through and read it, it’s not really anything earth shattering that we’re not all expecting out of an Avengers movie anyways, but there is always one “You ruined it for me you BASTARD!” To which I respond, “That’s NERDBASTARD Baby!”

It starts out with Captain America punching a punching bag until it flies off into a wall, and then enters Nick Fury. They briefly talked about a mission and that they needed to get ready, but they never explained what the mission was. And then it happened. As the music kicked in, scenes of SHEILD, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), & Loki were shown!! It showed a hell of a lot of action! Thor had a brief costume change, just no chainmail under armor and his hair was a bit longer. Iron Man was shown in what looked like the Mark VI or maybe a new Mark VII armor!! I don’t recall who was fighting who or what, but it was a lot of kick-assery!! And at the end of it all, Thor threw Minjor and then it flashed… The Avengers!

Well at first there was the Avengers themselves in what looked to be a meeting room, Thor was leaning against wall with arms crossed and Cap was sitting down, as Tony Stark and Nick Fury were most likely talking about the mission that was discussed earlier with Cap and Fury and also a shot of Bruce Banner. The action scenes were confusing but from what I remember, scenes with Iron Man flying in the air, and Hawkeye shooting an arrow, along with some explosions and Black Widow kicking ass. As for Captain America only his shield and part of his Costume was shown, so I wasn’t able to tell what suit he appeared in. The last part was in a forest, Iron Man and Thor fighting, but I couldn’t tell if it was against each other or someone or something else. And then, Thor threw his hammer, similar to the way he threw it at the Frost Giants, and then flashed “The Avengers, coming May 2012”

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