Like me, have you been waiting and yearning for another Gremlins to come around to theaters? Mention the world “Gremlin” to anyone and chances are they know about those adorable fuzzballs and their no snacks after midnight rule. Sadly, we’ll have to dust off those copies of the Joe Dante classic as Gremlins 3 has been put on the back burner…permanently.

It’s sad but true. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Joe Dante spoke about the future of his 1984 creation. When ask about the possibility of a third Gremlins Joe responded:

“No. Every so often I call Warner Bros. and say, “You guys doing anything with this?” And they always say, “No.” There was a period a couple of years ago when I think they were working on something but that fell through. I don’t know. They didn’t really understand the first movie, so I think they’re having trouble figuring out what to do, especially with the change in special effects. The first movies were defined by the technique that we used, which is now out of date. Now, with CGI anything can happen, so it’s difficult to focus the story onto something that’s going to have a point. So rather than being No. 3, I would think they would just go back to the beginning and remake it.”

So the only way would be a remake (*rolls eyes*)? Well that’s shit, but there is a glimmer of hope from all this. When asked if he was interested in making another film with Gizmo Joe had the perfect answer:

“Well, that’s fine. It would be very flattering if they came to me and said, “Would you like to be involved?” But I have a feeling that they’ve moved on.”

Maybe next year people. Maybe.

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